Signs your office is hurting your productivity and mental well-being

Sometimes the work day drags, even in a job you love. Figuring out why can be a vexing problem. Did you take the wrong turn with that grad school decision? Maybe you have unrealistic expectations about the minute-to-minute excitement level of a job? Or maybe it’s literally something in the air, like too much carbon dioxide. 

The personal insights you alone can probe, but we can help you think through that last possibility, and several other environmental culprits that may be to blame when you’re feeling “meh” and distracted at the office. Maybe the problem is… 

The building you work in is wobbling or swaying, even if you don’t notice it 

Let’s begin with the very infrastructure of your office, the shell that is your company’s home.

Working near the top of a high building means that you are, in a sense, moving all day. Towers typically sway a couple of inches on breezy days, and up to two or three feet in high winds. Antony Darby, a professor of engineering at the UK’s University of Bath, has told Quartz that people who toil on the high floors of a skyscraper “have reported problems with nausea, headaches, or even anxiety and fear.”

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