Florence Knoll, Total Designer Six things you probably didn't know about the 99-year-old design legend

Florence Knoll* is a one-woman design powerhouse. Not only did she help establish one of America's most influential design companies, she created a new market for modern furniture and a system for promoting designers' work that credited them by name, paid them royalties and allowed them the space to experiment with new materials and forms. She also helmed Knoll's interior design office, produced furniture designs of her own and was considered the "eye" of the company. As architecture critic Joseph Giovannini writes, the company she built with her husband (and independently after his early death) changed the landscape of the modern home and office: "Previously, chairs, tables and fabrics suitable for modern interiors simply did not exist on a dependable commercial basis in significant, reasonably priced quantity. Knoll was one of the very few companies, along with Herman Miller Inc., to recognize, anticipate and, to a certain extent, create the need for modern furniture by aggressively promoting contemporary interiors." Here are six things you may not know about the 99-year-old design legend.

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