VIDEO: Kimball Launches KORE

It was important to Daniel Korb to look to sources of inspiration that utilized forward thinking. In doing so, he turned to Bauhaus as an inspiration, ultimately translating Bauhaus thinking of timeless classic geometry with a holistic approach into the 21st century environment.

Daniel aimed to discover what is relevant to designers and end-users in today’s environments. The answer was simple. People need flexibility and when you design for human needs, the rest will fall into place. This is how KORE was born. KORE was envisioned as a table for working and living—an approach that ended up as a mere starting point. During the design process, KORE evolved into a much more expansive product offering, complete with elements for privacy, media integration, and solutions for sharing and learning.

In creating KORE, Daniel understood the importance of how people interact and a focus was placed on adaptability to human needs. Utilizing simplicity as a starting point, KORE was built for people, to add value, thus creating relevant environments that help people perform. The design is honest and straightforward; the key element being how KORE integrates into space and is scalable to support emotions and human needs.