Workplace Confidential: An Inside Look at Design Offices Across LA

Great design offices stand out. Reflecting a firm’s character and process, these spaces serve as a framework for building new ideas. While they may be housed within simple, rectilinear forms, design studios are organized to support analysis and encourage creative ideation. Few cities represent the diversity of design offices like Los Angeles. As a place where progressive forms and spatial multiplicity coexist, the City of Angels is filled with widely different studio designs and layouts. Though they can be hermetic in nature, these projects provide room for experimentation and promote critical engagement.

Building off our two recent articles that examined multi-unit housing and residential projects, the following collection explores office designs across Los Angeles. Built specifically for architects, designers and engineers, these projects are formed as creative workplaces. From model-making spaces and varied height workstations to collaboration rooms, the projects were created to showcase design. Each were made with forms and programs that reveal company culture while reimagining ways of working. Join us as we take an inside look at some of LA’s most dynamic design offices.

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