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Allseating enters the lounge market in a Jif™

In today’s open, mobile workplace, needing a comfortable spot to gather for short meetings happens at a moment's notice. To address this, Allseating has launched Jif,™ a modern stool conceived in collaboration with Canadian designer Aaron Duke.

"For years, Allseating has been asked to bring our accessible design philosophy to lounge environments," explains Tom David.  Jif packages our 30-years of experience in task seating design into a flexible stool that's fun, affordable and ergonomic."

The stool can also be arranged around a small for breakout meetings or across from a sofa or bench. At a workstation, Jif can be stored out of sight underneath a desk and pulled out when needed.

Embracing simple, elementary shapes, Jif features a subtle waterfall edge—an orientation cue for how to use it. The descending lip makes the chair more friendly and approachable and this also gives the stool an ergonomic edge by providing relief to the hamstring. In addition to a still base, to allow for more dynamic movement, Jif will be offered with an optional slightly convex base for gentle swaying to promote active sitting that engages the core, a key component of Allseating’s Sit Fit™ product development philosophy.

"Because we could envision Jif supporting so many situations – like higher-ed, corporate offices and even healthcare environments – we wanted to give customers the option to truly customize it," says Tom. "So you can specify contrasting upholstery colors and even specify contrasting stitching if you so choose.  For such a seemingly simple stool, the creative options are endless."

For more information, visit allseating.com