DIRTT's New London Showcase Reflects Growing International Interest in Manufactured Construction

DIRTT Environmental Solutions' new 1,700 square foot showcase in London, England will show British, European and Middle Eastern visitors that if they can imagine a space, DIRTT can help them build it more effectively than conventional construction.

"We continue to grow our market and demonstrate across North America how custom manufactured construction is a better solution for interior spaces," says DIRTT CEO Mogens Smed. "Our new Green Learning Center (GLC) in London gives clients and potential customers on the eastern side of the Atlantic the chance to see first-hand - right in their own backyard - the kind of exciting, efficient and visually powerful spaces that are possible."

DIRTT's global potential is clear and growing, says DIRTT President Scott Jenkins. "Our healthcare solutions in the Middle East continue to gain popularity as the best answer to their construction challenges. Access to skilled construction labour is a growing problem not just in North America but in the U.K., the rest of Europe and the Middle East. Our London GLC is a showcase of what the future of construction looks like."

Why London, and what's there?

London is an important business stop for Middle Eastern business people and government officials. Locating our GLC there makes it easier for them to experience and understand what a DIRTT space can provide. DIRTT's 1,700 square foot space is on the ground floor of a 200-year-old industrial building in Whitechapel, providing a Victorian industrial backdrop for its modern residential and healthcare vignettes. The best of DIRTT is on display, from Corning® Willow® Glass graphics and finishes to imbedded technology and imbedded modular DIRTT Power, all on a DIRTT access floor.

"Locating our London space in a heritage building demonstrates how DIRTT is equally at home in traditional architecture or a contemporary building," Mogens says. "It reinforces what we've told our clients from the very beginning: don't be restricted by convention. Imagine the kind of space you'd love to have - and we'll help you create it."