Humanscale adds to its OfficeIQ at CES in Las Vegas

Humanscale display at CES 2016

Humanscale display at CES 2016

When Chris Gibson and the rest of the Humanscale team went to the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last year, he wasn't sure how the tech industry would react to OfficeIQ, the company's connected workplace system designed to help employees use the healthful office products they are given and show companies that it does make sense to spend more for a healthy and happy workforce.

The welcome was extraordinarily positive for the ergonomics company, according to the vice president of marketing, who is back at the show this week to introduce Humanscale's latest additions to OfficeIQ.

“I didn't think there would be as much interest as there was in OfficeIQ (last year),” he said. “I think people thought it was fascinating because it has to do with the connected office. There is clearly a void. Quantifying health data on sit/stand is something I think a lot of people were looking for, especially as the ideas of occupancy and hot desking has taken off.”

It was appealing to the office furniture industry and design community. There is always the immediate need for space planning and to make space as productive and efficient as possible. There is a wellness aspect to OfficeIQ as well.

OfficeIQ, which was introduced last year at CES and NeoCon as a working concept, is now a full-fledged product. Bugs have been ironed out and unique features added to make it even more appealing.

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