Should Landlords Worry About the Gig Economy?

Varying sources have cited the rise of the freelance or “gig economy” as revolutionizing the US workforce. Freelancing may be popular nowadays, but freelancing isn’t a 21st century phenomenon by any means. To quote the Online Etymology Dictionary:

freelance (n.) – also free lance, free-lance, “medieval mercenary warrior,” 1820 (“Ivanhoe”), from free (adj.) + lance (n.); apparently a coinage of Sir Walter Scott’s. Figurative sense is from 1864; specifically of journalism by 1882.

By some accounts, the gig economy is taking off—to the point that by 2020, about 40% of Americans will be part of it. Should office landlords be concerned that this trend will have a cataclysmic negative impact on demand for office space? I don’t think so, and here’s why.

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