Milliken Innovations Win R&D 100 Awards For Fourth Consecutive Year

Milliken & Company was honored with two R&D 100 Awards for 2015, given by R&D Magazine. Recognized as the “Oscars of Innovation,” this marks Milliken’s fourth consecutive year receiving this distinction and second consecutive year with two technologies awarded. Both Milliken technologies, Hyperform HPN 210 M and Milliguard AOX-1, provide unique solutions to improve materials integral to countless markets, industries and products.

Hyperform HPN 210 M is an additive for polyethylene (PE) that significantly expands its performance window. With a novel PE crystal orientation aligned with machine direction, Hyperform HPN 210 M greatly improves manufacture productivity and throughput while reducing warpage, improving stiffness and increasing heat distortion temperatures in injection-molded applications. Milliken is just beginning to explore the impact that Hyperform HPN 210 M will have on numerous polyethylene applications, such as pallets, crates, carts, lids, bins, pails, trays and buckets. The possibilities will unquestionably bring more sustainable, high-performance polyethylene products to market.

Milliguard AOX-1 is a unique antioxidant that significantly improves the chemistry used to stabilize polyurethanes. Due its reactive chemistry, AOX-1 binds into polyurethane¾reducing the antioxidant loading needed to protect against oxidation and bettering article emission profiles. Polyurethane foams are a part of daily life, from the beds we sleep in to the cars we drive. Specifically, for the auto industry, AOX-1 addresses more stringent environmental, health and safety requirements, including indoor air quality standards, while delivering outstanding thermal stabilization performance at low loadings. Ultimately, Milliguard AOX-1 allows consumers to enjoy the comforts of polyurethane with a reduced exposure to added chemicals.

Chris DeSoiza, vice president of research at Milliken, summarized the honor: “To Milliken, ‘doing good’ means introducing sustainable technologies that improve industry operations and the products they create, while ultimately benefitting end users. Our continued recognition for developing some of the year’s top technologies acknowledges our driving purpose for the past 150 years¾to develop meaningful innovations that improve the world in which we live.”