Wilsonart Introduces Spectrum to Virtual Design Library

Designers looking for dynamic, fashionable colors can now look to the Wilsonart design team and the entirely new and completely customizable category of color-carrying laminate designs, Spectrum. Spectrum launches this month as the latest addition to the Wilsonart® Laminate Virtual Design Library (VDL), a unique online resource for laminate design.

“Designers are always seeking out more color options with added dimension and visual interest,” said Andrea Flint, designer at Wilsonart. “Spectrum was designed specifically to meet this need, pairing subtle, layered design with an unlimited range of colors that also meet the standard color matching systems.”

Spectrum premiers with the Crossweave series – 25 curated colors in a cross-directional design with a woven feel. The dazzling array of colors in the Crossweave series was taken directly from emerging trends translated into fresh, current and fashionable hues. Think updated pinks and corals, beautiful blues and modern greens and yellows, as well as subdued neutrals.

“We saw evidence of this at NeoCon 2015. VDL gave us a way to bring them to market quickly, allowing us to offer designers emerging and trending color pallets now.” said Flint.

Spectrum revolves around tone-on-tone patterns that can be specified in nearly any color, to match an existing color standard. Each series of Spectrum designs – like Crossweave – is offered in a “starter set” of curated color options designed to reflect emerging trends.

Want to customize a Spectrum color that’s all you? You can easily customize any Spectrum design to match most solid color standards: paint, fabric, and more. Designers seeking a specific color should contact their local Wilsonart Sales Rep or use our online form to quickly and easily create your personal Spectrum color.

Crossweave colors, along with the current 200 designs in the Virtual Design Library, can be turned around from factory to fabricator in as little as two weeks, speeding up the delivery process and allowing specifiers to bring their visions to life quickly and in a uniquely personal way.

Samples are readily available online at www.wilsonart.com/Spectrum or through Wilsonart’s Customer Service Center at 800-433-3222.