Nowy Styl Group Munich showroom refreshed


Changing trends as well as extending portfolio of Nowy Styl Group influence the showrooms, which undergo regular lifting and from time to time are subject to general refreshing. The project which has just finished consisted in the modernization of the Munich showroom, constituting one of company’s several flagship projects on the German market.

The surface of nearly 560 square meters was arranged following the concept applied during the construction of Office Inspiration Center in Kraków – flagship showroom by Nowy Styl Group, commissioned last year in the autumn. 

The space was divided into three zones: reception zone, work zone and workshop zone. “In the first zone we can find Tapa poufs based on the award-wining design by Mac Stopa together with armchairs and chaise longues from the LinkUP line by the same designer. The second zone is formed by the open space with work stands, Play&Work room as well as meeting zones in the form of Hexa and Tepee modular systems. In the last zone we present mainly the range of office chairs, among others by such brands popular in Germany as Rohde & Grahl as well as Grammer Office”, describes Sebastian Wiśniewski from the Nowy Styl Group, showroom designer.  

Company’s Bavarian flagship also includes a conference hall, a study equipped with exclusive eRange system furniture as well as a work room with finishing templates. 

The design of the showroom follows latest trends in office arrangement, among others space division according to the activity based workplace concept, ensuring the access to different zones facilitating basic activities undertaken while working in the office – administration, communication and concentration as well as biofilic design placing many different plants in the office. 

Showrooms constitute meeting places for our representatives and clients, where we can present interior design concept matching the People, Process, Place philosophy (office is the space where employees implement business processes). This is also the place where we organize workshops, presentations and product trainings for our clients and distributors. 

The company is in possession of 28 facilities located in the biggest cities of Europe and the Middle East, among others in Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna and Dubai.