One Table Fits…All

Building on its mission to bring new life to work, Coalesse introduces Potrero415, a versatile table system that is just as friendly as it is industrious. An iconic design merges modern engineering with open-ended variety, reviving the spirit of the creative worktable for diverse settings across the office landscape.


A purposeful table can do more than just hold work. It can inspire ease and civility, and gather a community to build richer ideas together. Yet in the workplace, the typical meeting table isn’t always supportive or welcoming; and the long stretch of a formal conference table can just as often separate people as connect them. 

On the other end of the spectrum, tables borrowed from the world of residential design can have the sociability, warmth, and character that people wish for, but not the feature functionality and scalability that a modern office really needs.

The Coalesse Design Group decided to find out what would happen if these two worlds were combined.