Haworth's Riverbend & Pebble


Support Variety, Choice, and Purposeful Work

Riverbend lounge seating and the complementary PebbleTM ottoman are easily configured to create a variety of settings that offer people choices in spaces for individual focus work, face-to-face discussions, or collaborative sessions. The modern geometrical design and casual feel draw people in, so they can innovate, work efficiently, and perform their best.


  • With just 22 pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes, Riverbend and Pebble can form numerous configuration combinations to maximize investment. Applications suit commercial, education, and healthcare environments.
  • High back sofa – Minimizes distractions, offering a level of visual and acoustical privacy
  • Mid back and no back sofa – Support an open environment to encourage interaction
  • Concave, convex, and square corner pieces – Allow for more customized applications with 60-degree or 90-degree angles
  • Pebble ottoman – Provides a secondary surface for work, personal items, or additional seating, expanding configuration and application possibilities
  • Optional AC and USB power module – Help people stay connected and keep devices charged
  • Colors, Materials, Finishes

Riverbend has a classic design that is neutral enough to complement any environment and work in a multitude of settings. Choose pieces with horizontal seams for a tailored look, or without seams for a simple aesthetic—both available in a variety of colors. Together with Pebble, Riverbend encompasses the simplicity and versatility to furnish a range of spaces and floorplates over the long-term.