Carnegie Launches Line Art Upholstery


Carnegie introduces a new upholstery collection, Line Art, that combines a high level of tactility with striking linear patterns.

The collection was designed by Carnegie Creative Studio, in collaboration with Gensler, to answer contemporary needs for greater warmth and comfort in offices, hospitality environments, and other public spaces.

“As our environments become overwhelmingly technical, there is an increased appreciation for that which can be touched and savored,” says Mary Holt, Executive VP of Creative at Carnegie.

The collection is comprised of four patterns that manipulate lines through textures and color, as well as edited reduction, to achieve distinct visual effects. A palette ranging from vibrant and neon tones set against neutral tones provide contrast that electrifies the aesthetic quality of the collection. Ridges woven along the lines create the tactility that is satisfying to the touch.

The versatile Line Art textiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, infusing spaces with unique contemporary qualities.

  • Low Line – This pattern forms the foundation of the collection and is inspired by the knitted sweater cuff ubiquitous in today's sportswear. The design team reinterpreted and rescaled the elastic bands into colorful, texturized stripes that burst through the entire width of the fabric. Indoor/ outdoor.

  • High Line – A denser version of Low Line, this pattern incorporates bulky stripes in neutral and bright colors that mimic the cables of a knitted textile. Indoor/ outdoor.

  • Fine Line – Neon stripes, of varying widths and spacing, create an unexpected and high-contrast pairing with heather grey. Indoor/ outdoor.

  • Break Line – A contemporary, versatile pattern featuring interrupted stripes, creating an all-over geometric pattern of dashed lines. Indoor only.

  • Altogether, Line Art offers a comprehensive solution that meets rigorous commercial standards for the office, hospitality, and healthcare markets.