WeWork and WeLive will take over an entire 36-story mixed-use tower in Seattle

A new 36-story mixed-use tower designed by Perkins + Will in Seattle will be the new site of WeWork’s expanding WeLive co-living residential program.

The new tower is planned for the corner of Third Street and Lenora in downtown Seattle and will contain 384 apartments and 200,000 square feet of office space. WeWork will be occupying the entirety of the office program in addition to operating the 384 rental units. The 440-foot mixed-use tower will offer ground floor commercial spaces as well as a multistory subterranean garage. The Z-shaped, glass-clad tower features vertical banding across every facade with the outlines of its horizontal floor plates delineating each of the tower’s levels. The building is designed with a split core, which, according to the architects, maximizes social spaces, daylight, and views by breaking down the overall bulk of the core into smaller, more discrete sections. The tower also features alternating, multistory atrium spaces and a 40-foot-tall rooftop conservatory.

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