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Join this premium community and get a first-hand look at how workplace design and office furnishings are transforming the world of business. A quarterly magazine, insights from key executives based on our primary research and private events and insider discussions tell the evolving story of products, marketing, design and beyond. Subscribe for $395 per year (or $7.60 per week).


What you get


Enjoy unlimited access to CFN’s award-winning journalism, including in-depth industry analysis and product reviews from our editors. Get ahead of the competition with members-only features and briefings, including weekly deep-dive articles and analysis, real-time news alerts, and a special 'The Rundown' briefing every Monday morning. Non-members do not have access to this content.


CFN+ magazine

Each quarterly issue focuses on a specific themes (e.g., product design, marketing, distribution). Your subscription includes digital access, as well as an archive of past issues. 


The Rundown

Weekly newsletters from editor-in-chief Michael Wolf, each focused on the industry related happenings from the week before and the issues facing the industry right now. 



As a CFN+ member, you get access full access to our new product, a new digital B-to-C site that connects directly to business consumers of workplace products. You'll receive analytics, purchasing and review feedback and additional purchasing insights.



A monthly report highlighting hot topics and trends. A unique pool of data collected from publisher, agency and brand insiders is layered with sharp editorial analysis, briefing you on everything you need to know to start turning these trends to your advantage.


Members-only Slack community

Our #cfntownhall channel gives you access to top minds in the industry through AMAs and town hall discussions, and direct conversations with editors and other industry insiders are only a few keystrokes away. Welcome to your always-on portal to our digital community.