Rep Groups Needed for Dallas, Los Angeles, Nashville

Join HOWE's family in North America

We are hoping to find a savvy representative in Dallas, Los Angeles, Nashville and Seattle that needs to find a niche with stacking chairs and folding tables in their product line. Think of the iconic 40/4 chair by David Rowland. Or the Tempest table which was the original space-saving flip top table. 

HOWE was founded in the US in 1928 and become known by the first HOWE slogan "If it folds, ask Howe". In 2011 the European HOWE overtook all the North American HOWE activities and began rolling out the European strategy. 

The US team was established in 2013 and our success with North America has been great. In fact, we have doubled our numbers from last year and successfully produced 3 products in Grand Rapids. 

Your support team includes: 3 awesome project managers that generate your quotes, one supply chain manager and sales manager. 

Contact: Derek Jayson Rusch