Associate Sponsor Basic - Monthly ( 3 month minimum)

Associate Sponsor Basic - Monthly ( 3 month minimum)


CFN Associate Site Sponsorship - purchased on a monthly basis 3 month minimum (3 x $500)

Associate Sponsor Advertisers receive a Site Banner, and Daily Briefing Banner. Only 4 Associate Sponsor position are available per month.

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Contract Furnishings News ( has become the leading voice of the contract furnishings industry. Since its founding, Contract Furnishings News has become a valuable source for curated, up-to-the-minute industry news, and most recently, original editorial content. CFN collects, analyzes, and curates the rapidly flowing stream of contract furnishings news from all corners of the world and delivers it in summary form for rapid digestion. CFN connects with its professional audience across web, email, and membership programs.

Associate Sponsorship Includes:

  • Site Banner

  • Daily Briefing Banner

Site Banner: Displays on the main CFN.NEWS Home Page all the time. Site Banners are disbursed throughout the front page. Banners are clickable and changeable. Banners can be fed by 3rd-party ad servers. CFN Site Sponsor receives the top position with the words 'CFN Sponsored Today by…" slug. Site banners also appear on all mobile versions of CFN.

Daily Briefing Banner: Displays throughout the CFN Daily Briefing email newsletter sent out every business day. CFN Site Sponsor receives the top position ("Daily Briefing Sponsored by…") and can also insert one ad block before the beginning to the Daily Briefing News.

Native Mailing Campaigns: Included only with the CFN Site Sponsorship Package. Native Mailing Campaigns includes an exclusive direct mailing to our Daily Briefing Subscribers (maximum 1 per month) of your marketing content (Ad, Editorial, White Papers, Videos, etc.). Native Mailing Campaigns are available to Associate Sponsors for $2,000 per run.